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A Liturgical Organ Concerto

DMA Composition Dissertation
A Liturgical Organ Concerto (2025)
Opus 86

My DMA Dissertation will be a liturgical concerto for organ and strings. Each movement will be based on chant/music written for the text of the Ordinary of the Mass by different women composers throughout history. A brief description of each movement follows:

Kyrie (style = Antiquity) - based on Kyrie eleison R472vb by Hildegard Von Bingen. The Kyrie chant is written in quarter notes with a virtuosic organ part above the string texture.

Gloria (style = Renaissance) - based on La dea che nel mar/Goddess who was born of the sea (a madrigal) by Madalena Casulana. The Gloria itself is written in the string parts. The Gloria is dissonant and pointillistic depicting the sacred aversion to the pagan madrigal. In reality, the aversion is more to the powerful woman depicted in the madrigal. She is beautiful, intelligent, and powerful and more influential than any man. 

Credo (style = Baroque) - based on Messa Prima A Quattro Voci Concertata con Violini by Isabella Leonarda. In the original a violin duo play a prominent obligato part. My credo sets the original material with added dissonance and virtuosity.

Sanctus (style = Classical) - Based on the music of Classical period English composer, organist, harpsichordist, and vocalist, Elisabetta de Gambarini, who was the first British woman to publish a collection of keyboard works. this movement features excerpts from her Giga in G Major from Sonata No. 1, Op.1.

Agnus Dei (style = Romantic) - Inspired by Clara Schumann's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in A minor, op. 7.

Benedictus (style = Contemporary) - Inspired by my Piano Concerto, Spirals of Logic, Op. 9, No. 2.

Please check back for updates. The dissertation will be completed by May 2025.

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