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2011 Recordings

Selections from Boston Conservatory Senior Recital

Descent From Worldly Virtues

Piccolo: Bethanne Walker

Oboe: Claire Cutting

Bassoon: Shelly Mohr

Timpani: Calvin James

Violin 1: Nanako Takata

Violin 2: Fariba Hunold

Viola: Nicolas Mirabile

Cello: Christopher Homick

Conductor: Justin Barish

Twisted Lullaby

Violin: Natalie Calma

Oboe: Amy Gollins

English Horn/Cor Anglais: Claire Cutting

Bassoon: Shelly Mohr

Percussion: Calvin James,

Reynaliz Herrera, Felicity Mazur-Park, Justin Barish

The Aspen

Soprano: Bridgette Brothers

Baritone: Jeffrey Barth

Piano: Felicity Mazur-Park 

Play, Contemplate, Laugh

Soprano: Brittany Cary

Flute: Rachel Azrak

Violin: Natalie Calma

Vibraphone: Tyler Flynt 

Diminished Cube

Soprano: Bridgette Brothers

Alto: Anne Maguire

Tenor: Aaron Jay Myers

Bass: Jeffrey Barth

Piano: Felicity Mazur-Park

Without Distraction: A Ballet

Violin 1: Fariba Hunold

Violin 2: Nanako Takata

Viola: Nicolas Mirabile

Violoncello: Mikel Thomas

Percussion: Calvin James

Marimba 1: Tyler Flynt

Marimba 2: Reynaliz Herrera

Piano: Felicity Mazur-Park

Conductor: Justin Barish

Quintuplet Rhapsody

Marimba: Ana Lorenzo

Piano: Felicity Mazur-Park

The Unspoken Love

Snare Drum: Calvin James

Tuba: Andy Smith

Pianos: Felicity Mazur-Park and Marti Epstein

Please note that the pianists are placed at opposite ends of the concert hall and the snare drum and tuba are in the middle. This means the recording is not a perfect representation of the aesthetic experience of the audience.

Other Compositions from 2011

Vanity's illogical Lament

The Boston Conservatory Orchestra

Play, Contemplate, Laugh and Postlude

Soprano, Flute, Violin and Vibraphone

Ludovico Ensemble

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